Friday, 25 March 2011


Products include:[8]

    * Bugaboo International. A Dutch design company that makes pushchairs for infants and toddlers. When you choose 'any' Bugaboo product, Bugaboo contributes 1 % of its total revenue to The Global Fund.
    * American Express Red card.
    * Gap is selling an ongoing line of merchandise including T-shirts, jackets, scarves, gloves, jewelry, bags and purses. Gap donates 50% of all Product Red profits directly to the Global Fund.
    * Converse is selling a shoe made from African mud cloth.
    * Giorgio Armani has announced a line of Emporio Armani products that include clothes, jewelry, perfume, and accessories.
    * Motorola has announced special editions of their SLVR, KRZR and RAZR mobile phones, with a 50% profit of each purchase going to the Global Fund. It is believed that the Red RAZR was first launched with service by Sprint in November 2006, but it was actually US Cellular who first did it in Chicago, one month previous to Sprint. Bono, Penélope Cruz, Oprah and Chris Rock were some of the celebrities who attended the opening of the (RED) location in Chicago.
    * Canon released a version of their popular SD990 camera along with a leather case in 2008/2009. Only 500 were produced globally.
    * The Independent newspaper is in partnership with Product Red.
    * The Hotel Café tour is presented by MySpace and Product Red.
    * Apple Inc. has released five generations of special edition iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle with a Product Red theme, as well as a Red $25 iTunes Gift Card. Apple has also announced a Product Red branded Smart Cover for the iPad 2.
    * Nike has released a special line of red shoelaces available for purchase, with 100% of the profit going to the charity. Their motto is "Lace up, save lives."
      Nike (RED) laces
    * NEED magazine is in partnership with Product Red.
    * Hallmark has introduced greeting cards that are Product Red.
    * Dell has released three computers (M1330, M1530 and XPS One) and one printer (V505 All-In-One) that are Product Red; the contract will last for 3 years as of January 2008.
    * Microsoft and Dell have teamed up to offer a new Dell laptop that included a new Windows Vista SKU called Windows Vista Ultimate (Product) Red.
    * Windows Vista Ultimate (Product) Red included six wallpapers, two sidebar gadgets, one screen saver, and one DreamScene movie.
    * Girl Skateboard Company released a two-part deck series with a (Product) Red graphic. A share of the profit goes to the charities.
    * Starbucks participated during their 2008 holiday promotion. For every holiday beverage ordered, 5 cents went to Product Red. Starbucks also offers the Red Card and donates five cents every time the card is used in a transaction.
    * The Killers write a Christmas song every year, with the latest being "Boots", in aid of RED.
    * Flowe(RED) a new online flower delivery service launched in the UK.
    * Monster Cable make special edition of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD with name Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED[9]
    * Carolina Bucci has created a Special Edition of her gold and silk Lucky bracelets.

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